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We’ve done some illuminated signage projects in the past and have some used sign boxes that we’d like out of our shop.  There are 3 of them and they have ballasts, lights, etc.  Here is what they are:

We have one that’s a double sided pylon sign, 8′ tall, 6′ wide, no lenses, but could be installed as one lens or several lenses for a multi tenant application.  $500.00 as is.  Comes with single pedestal.

We also have a fascia sign, 2′ high by 10′ long, 9″ deep.  This was up only for a short time.  Comes complete with the lens.  $400.00.

One more.. it’s much like a fascia sign but is actually meant to hang as it has 6″ long tubes at the top with flanges for bolts.  Comes with lens and is 24″ high by 79″ wide and 8″ deep.  $300.00.

Keep in mind we can do the graphics for you if you have no means of doing that.  Contact us for more information!

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